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Memorial Plaque

  At the October 1997 reunion in Fredericksburg, Texas, our host, David Hornady, offered an idea for our consideration. Fredericksburg is the location of the Admiral Nimitz Museum. In one of the garden areas of the museum is the Wall of Honor. On the wall, there are plaques mounted, honoring various units and people who served in the Pacific during WW II.

  David asked the reunion attendees if we would like to have a plaque commemorating the Mattaponi for her service during the war. We agreed that David should proceed with whatever requirements were necessary to obtain and have mounted a 5 X 7 inch plaque. After viewing the plaques on the Wall of Honor at the museum, several of us talked with David at various times and expressed a desire to reconsider the size of the plaque. We felt that the 22 X 22 inch plaque would be a more fitting memorial for the Mattaponi and her crew. David presented this option to all present at the dinner on Saturday evening.

  Shipmates have shown their approval by contributing over the $2500.00 cost of the larger plaque. Hubert Borne

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