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A Memorable Career

  Mattaponi operated locally out of her home port through most of that summer before departing again on 8 September 1967 for duty off Vietnam. She returned to U. S. waters on 17 April 1968. After a leave and upkeep period, followed by local operations, she left for the Far East on early October. There she provided services to the fleet into 1969. Mattaponi departed again for final and 7th deployment to the Vietnam waters in January 1970.

  Mattaponi was transferred to Marad on 22 January 1971 for disposal. On 15 December 1973 she was sold to Union Minerals and Alloys Corporation, New York City, for $50,184.50. She was then scrapped.

  Thus ended a memorable career for this veteran ship. The taxpayers of the United States have certainly received far more value from her cost and upkeep than is the norm.

(Data submitted by Frank N. Pierce to the Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post)

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